int’l air  freight

int’l air freight


To provide customers with international air transport as the main body of high-quality transport services. Customers can choose services (door-to-door, door-to-airport, airport-to-airport, airport-to-door) and specific time requirements according to actual needs. S.C.H.T. is willing to provide customers with the fastest, most efficient and most economical route options to maximize customer demand.
S.C.H.T's Air Export and Import Departments are the core business departments of the company, which are composed of experienced sales and customer service teams. Relying on long-term cooperation with airlines and their counterparts, the company has perfect international business network resources. The existing business network, besides the route products of Europe and America, Australia, also includes routes including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific and North Africa. At the same time, as members of IATA and WCA organizations, relying on efficient customs clearance and logistics distribution capabilities in China, we continue to provide high-quality services to customers at home and abroad.
The main cooperative Airlines include: Ukraine Airlines (PS), Hainan Airlines (HU), China International Airlines (CA), China Southern Airlines (CZ), France Bluehawk Airlines (CI), All-Nippon Airlines (NH), Lufthansa (LH), Russian Airbridge Airlines (RU), Russian Airlines (SU), Qatar Airlines (QR), Thai Airlines (TG), etc.
Service characteristics:
1. No weight and size restrictions on cargo (subject to air transport standards)
2. On-site handover on the same day to provide service agreement guarantee, clear transshipment time and range tracking service
3. Equipped with pallets, skateboards and shrinkage packaging film according to customer requirements; Accept airborne goods with special requirements such as hanging clothes
4 Provide customs declaration, supervision and transshipment, commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine and health inspection services according to customer requirements
5. Provide packing and sorting operation and barge service for special goods according to customer's requirements
6. Provide cargo splitting service according to customer's requirement and personalized pooling service to meet customer's requirement
7 Provide abnormal event-based reports according to customer requirements
We commit ourselves to:
1. Rapid and One-stop Customs Clearance and Commodity Inspection Services
2. Customers can track goods information through customer service and online inquiry
3. Provide tracking services that require only one customer to serve
4. Safety assurance of 24-hour full monitoring of goods during warehouse temporary storage.