int’l  ocean freight

int’l ocean freight


S. C. H. T. has good cooperative relations with many world famous shipping companies, and also has a group of professionals engaged in import and export shipping business for a long time. There are also partners in major port cities in China, which have strong practical operation ability. They can provide customers with a series of high-quality services, including booking, loading, customs declaration, inspection, gathering port, cargo tracking and so on.
Service characteristics:
1. There are no restrictions on the weight and size of the goods provided that they meet the shipping standards.
2. One-stop Customs Clearance Service, Providing Agent Customs Declaration, Supervision and Transfer, Commodity Inspection, Animal and Plant Quarantine and Health Inspection Business
3. Providing service agreement guarantees, providing real-time cargo tracking and shipment tracking
4. Electronic booking and online services in cooperation with shipping companies to support rapid transportation and cargo control
5. Accept and accept special business such as suitcase, refrigeration box and open-top box according to customer's requirements.
6. According to customer's requirements, it is equipped with pallets, skateboards, shrinkable packaging film, special goods packaging and sorting operation, short barge service and split service to meet customer's requirements of personalized assembly service.
7. Provide abnormal event-based reports according to customer requirements
Our commitment:
1. Guarantee space to ensure the operation of transport projects
2. Customers can track goods information through customer service and online inquiries.
3. Providing a tracking service that only needs one customer for one customer
4. Safety Guarantee for 24-hour Full Monitoring of Goods during Storage Period