int’l  trade supply chain logistics

int’l trade supply chain logistics


This service mainly provides end-to-end supply chain solutions for customers, including import and export trade, domestic warehousing logistics services, domestic product distribution and supply chain digital solutions. Providing all-round supply chain services from upstream raw material supply, logistics services to product channel development, after several years of development, the preliminary establishment of a nationwide supply chain service system. Industries include: automotive accessories, Carlsberg beer, cosmetics, and consumer electronics.
International Trade Agency
Perhaps your business has not yet acquired the right to import and export business, or you may be confused by the tedious import and export business processes, or you may have to concentrate your limited time and energy on your core business. So, in order to have a broad domestic and foreign market, please join hands with us. We will provide you with professional services, optimized processes and reasonable prices in order to achieve common development and progress.
Import and export business processes are complex and risky. If enterprises directly carry out import and export operations, they are likely to face many qualifications and professional and technical barriers, which often lead to errors, delays, or even interruptions in import and export business, resulting in irreparable losses for enterprises. Enterprises often encounter the following problems in the operation of import and export business: lack of experience in import and export of different products, lack of LC with multiple deadlines for bank credit, lack of corresponding foreign exchange quota for bank prepayment and prepayment, unfamiliar with international trade practices in a passive situation, lack of preferential prices for domestic transportation and warehousing, etc.
In cooperation with high-quality import and export agents, import and export agents can use their professional team and management to avoid all the complicated business in import and export business and reduce costs effectively while minimizing risks. Our company is a professional foreign trade company specializing in import and export agent, international transportation agent, foreign trade finance and taxation service. It can provide professional and efficient import and export agent services for Beijing enterprises in all directions, such as customs clearance, logistics, financial finance and taxation.
Our company has a skilled and skilled import and export agency service team. Our import and export agents are proficient in business, creditworthiness and have been working in the field of import and export trade for more than ten years. We have good credit standing in all deposit banks. The records of SAFE and Customs are A-level enterprises, and we can provide you with "From signing contracts to import and export cargo, The mode of "integrated operation" carries out professional import and export agency services.
Our ability
Customs A import and export enterprises, excellent customs clearance speed and ability;
Complete qualifications of agent for import and export can fully represent the import and export business of various goods;
Rich experience in import and export agency, years of experience in import and export agency and good reputation both inside and outside the industry;
Fair and honest price, good and cheap freight forwarding, warehousing and commodity inspection services;
Professional one-stop service, one-stop service including customs clearance logistics, foreign exchange tax refund and other full-range services;
Stable and mature business operation and service team, professional business management team.
Our company provides professional operation platform for foreign trade services, welcomes the cooperation of foreign trade import and export agents from various levels and channels in the spirit of Hainabaichuan, and we will provide you with timely, thoughtful, safe and reliable import and export agency services with our consistent enthusiasm.
Customs declaration service
Customs declaration is the core business that our company has attached great importance to since its establishment. We have done a lot of work in the selection, training and resource investment of customs declaration personnel. Now we have built an excellent customs declaration team, familiar with customs declaration of import and export, one-day tour of bonded logistics park, customs declaration of district and port, and completed customs clearance procedures of goods efficiently and quickly. One-day tour customs declaration, district-port linkage customs declaration, efficient and fast completion of customs clearance procedures for goods. Our company has equipped with QP system, advanced electronic support equipment and perfect network office system to provide a perfect operation platform for customs brokerage business.
Warehousing service
Services include:
Transport Scheme Design and Transport Management, Warehousing Design and Inventory Optimization, Global Distribution and Domestic Distribution
Service characteristics:
1. Provide domestic and international transportation including land, sea and air transportation at any time.
2. From Maximum Timeliness to Minimum Cost to Maximize Customer Demand
3. Provide value-added services according to customer needs, such as transportation process management, carrier management, time node management, customs clearance and inspection, etc.
4. Professional transport services and management of special goods (such as dangerous goods, temperature and humidity control goods, oversize and overweight parts, fresh goods, exhibits, etc.)
5. Global distribution and domestic distribution support pooling services, according to customer distribution needs, to provide professional support for transport routes, means of transport, distribution methods, transport time
6. Provide rolling production scheduling, logistics planning and distribution, supply of sourcing and value-added services according to customer needs.
7. Provide inventory optimization according to customer demand, monitor safe inventory and excess inventory, improve supply-demand balance and reduce costs.
8. Provide Reverse Inventory Management Services, Value-added Services such as Replacement and Special Warehousing Solutions according to Customer Requirements
We commit ourselves to:
1. Simple and effective management mode to ensure that goods meet national quality requirements in warehouse or in transit;
2. Real-time monitoring of sales activities, logistics activities and production activities to provide customers with queries and searches;
3. Unify customer service window to provide various consultation, inquiry and feedback services to customers.
4. Customers can track goods information through customer service and online inquiries.
5. Providing a tracking service that only requires one customer to serve
6. Safety Guarantee for 24-hour Full Monitoring of Goods during Storage Period.