About us

BEIJING S.C.H.T. INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORTATION AGENCY CO.,LTD .  was established in 2013 ,with a registered capital of 5 million RMB. It is a first-class freight forwarding enterprise approved by the  IATA   and China Customs .
Connect with you ,S.C.H.T.  team strives to provide customers with the most suitable solutions and contribute the best value, thus constantly winning customer praise and market recognition.

Our  company specializes in international air transport import and export transport agency business, mainly engaged in S.C.H.T. Russian courier, exhibit tour transport, service network throughout the world. With superior route resources, super customs clearance ability and meticulous on-site operation team, we can meet the customers'high quality service needs in terms of price, space, safety and timeliness. 

We focused in air cargo , We signed with many airlines such as AA ,
AC,AF ,AY ,AM,BA ,CZ ,CA ,CX ,D7 , 
TG,T5,TK ,UL,5J,W5,ect .
We can  handle much kinds  cargo  as  follow:
Air  Freight /  import & export Customs Clearing / Beijing  Airport warehouse
ATA exhibits shipments  / E-commerce shipments /project logistics shipments  /Global roadshow and events garment props shipments   /artwork  shipments  / trading Agent